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Disk Defensor 2.0

Disk Defensor 2.0: Can make a disk partition encrypted and protect the data stored on the pc. disk is as the same as a normal disk, when read and write, the decryption and encryption engine is running at background and transparently. Disk Defensor doesn`t allow you to read and write the right data on the disk partition until the disk is unlocked with the correct password. The contents of the encrypted disk are well protected by Disk Defensor, a unique data protection mechanism that guards your data from Trojans, viruses or other types of

DiskRescue 2009 2.0: Defragment your hard drive for maximum PC performance.
DiskRescue 2009 2.0

Combining clear controls with a powerful disk defragmentation engine and defrag scheduler, DiskRescue improves disk read/write speeds, improving your computerís bottom line performance. DiskRescue comes to save your system from the harmful effects of disk fragmentation. With characteristic cool Uniblue styling and simple-to-use design, DiskRescue is the effective solution to the fragmentation of your hard disk.

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Kakra Private Disk 3.0: a powerful tool to create virtual encrypted disks to protect sentive data.
Kakra Private Disk 3.0

Disk,an easy-to-use software to protect sensitive data on notebooks, personal computers, removable and flash disk. It makes a plain hard disk into a private disk that can be accessed by its owner only.On this disk you can store confidential information which youd like to keep secret from other users. You only need to save files into this private disk and close them after that, then the program will protect the files automatically.Unlike similar programs

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Disk CleanUp 2000 5.4: Disk CleanUp is a small disk utility designed to clear previously deleted files.
Disk CleanUp 2000 5.4

Disk CleanUp is a small disk utility designed to clear previously deleted files. Deleting a file will normally just remove the file`s directory entry, but the data itself still remains on the disk. CleanUp will completely eliminate the contents of your deleted files. Disk CleanUp provides options to specify an NSA approved disk erasure method and background execution priority. Disk CleanUp works with any FAT16 or FAT32 hard drive as well as NTFS

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Smart CD Catalog Lite 2.15: Smart CD Catalog Lite will help you create an ordered CD/DVD database.
Smart CD Catalog Lite 2.15

disks? What if you just want to know what files are on your disks? You might have to check all your disks, insert them into the drive one by one, waste a large amount of time and tire yourself out and wear your computer. Smart CD Catalog Lite will help you create an ordered CD/DVD database. With Smart CD Catalog Lite, you can fast and easily find the needed disk, folder and file and view the contents of your disks without inserting them into the

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Recover Files from Formatted hard disk 3.96: Recover Files from Formatted hard disk - Recover files, Recover deleted files
Recover Files from Formatted hard disk 3.96

disk drive ~ Undelete files from formatted Western Digital hard disk ~ Restore deleted files from formatted Seagate hard drive ~ Unerase lost files from Samsung disk ~ Recover files from formatted SSD disk ~ Recover deleted files from formatted hard drives of Other models Recover files from Formatted disk drives of any size: ~ Recover files from Formatted internal hard disk of your computer ~ Recover deleted files from formatted External hard drive

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Free Disk Wipe 3.0.1

Disk Wipe data cleanup and file erase tool, that allow you to completely wipe/ remove / delete / erase a selected files,on a disk (floppy disks, hard disks,logical drives, etc). Any Data Recovery Software or Tool can`t restore file, if file have been erase using Free Disk Wipe - Data File Wipe tool. Free Disk Wipe are useful if you want to make it difficult for people to recover deleted data from your disk. Free Disk Wipe is available at www.the-

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